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Google+ The new Facebook?

Google+ is the lates try of Google Inc. to take on face book

Now whats this we see, Google is attempting to gain some part of social networking market back with introduction of Google+, i.e. ‘Google Plus’. I guess Google is trying to avenge the ‘death’ of Orkut by this feat. The social networking website will be available to users in over 40 languages and is the biggest [...]

Blogilo Linux blogging client


Blogilo is opensource KDE based blogging client which have a full featured WYSIWYG editor and an HTML editor with previewing post option. Blogilo Supports Blogger1.0, MetaWeblog, MovableType, WordPress and Blogspot.com API’s. Other features include fetching, creating, modifying, deleting, scheduling posts and creating drafts. Blogilo have media support for MetaWeblog and MovableType. Most languages are supported [...]

Minitube Youtube client


Minitube is a YouTube desktop application which gives flash free youtube experience. You can find videos by typing keywords then Minitube will give you endless video stream. Minitube is not about cloning the original YouTube web interface, it aims to create a new TV-like experience which is pretty good.
For Ubuntu can install Minitube from following [...]

Ubuntu Tweak


Ubuntu Tweak is an application especially for newbies to configure Ubuntu easier.It provides many useful options like compiz settings, desktop settings, gnome settings, login screen settings that are not preasent in default operating environment. Also package cleaner, source center & application center makes it handy for everyday tasks.
You can download Ubuntu Tweak from following link


Install KDE in Ubuntu 11.04


Many people are disappointed with recent unity, gnome-shell changes. Unity and gnome shell are more confusing then Kde used to be. Kde is now much more polished and have new plasma desktop experience. Please note that installing kde and gnome side by side can cause some glitches. Don’t install kde over gnome if you are [...]