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Soluto: The Anti-Frustration software

Slow computing is nothing less than a nightmare in the current fast paced world. If your computer takes 5 minutes for booting up when are you going to do the stuff you have to do? A slow computer is like a stinky sock… you have to wash it or get rid of it.

Computers tend to [...]

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Dreamboard: Theming platform for jailbroken iDevices

DreamBoard is an innovative little software for jailbroken iDevices. Now however great the Apple’s user interface is, ultimately you’ll get fed up by unlocking your phone and seeing the same display pattern… what can we say its human nature! At first you dislike the ‘slide to unlock’ feature; then you start disliking the icons display; [...]

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Jelly Batteries: Smaller, cheaper, cooler!

Batteries are some of the most used basic necessity of life for humans in the 21st century. They are everywhere, from your handheld mobile phone to the car you drive or even in the air craft that you travel in.
For a thing of such abundance and importance, they also have equally abundant drawbacks. They are [...]

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Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot beta 2 Changes and Screenshots

Ubuntu 11.10 beta 2 is released and it is stabler than the previous beta 1 release which had very frequent crashes and annoying “System program problem detected” pop-up after every 5 seconds. Also, previously non-working “Sync between computers” feature of Ubuntu Software Center is usable now.

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10 Well Designed Drupal Sites for Inspiration

Drupal is free and open-source content management system (CMS) written in PHP which allows you to manage  online content and communities. It is extremely popular for its Scalability for managing very high traffic websites. But the feature which distinguish Drupal from other content management systems is the control it provides you, with Drupal you can [...]

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Windows Server 8: Powerful Features and Download

Microsoft has released Windows Server 8 Developer Preview to give tech enthusiasts the preview of upcoming Windows platform. As you know Microsoft seemed very focused on Windows Desktop 8 with lots of improvements and enhancements, Microsoft is showing same determination for Windows Server 8. In developer preview Microsoft is stressing that they are making most [...]

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