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JailBreak iOS on Linux with Absinthe


Absinthe is multiplatform iOS5 JailBreak tool which can easily be used on iPhone 4S and iPad2. Absinthe have a linux version too. Jailbreaking is the process of modifying the iOS Kernel which enables you to install apps from sources other than Apple AppStore.

Install KDE 4.8 in Kubuntu 11.10 via PPA


KDE 4.8 is released today which provides many new improvements and stability, performance updates. KDE have now more faster scalable file management and new touch friendly components are introduced in this KDE 4.8 release. More improvements include in Dolphin, Kate, Kmail, Gwenview, adaptive power management, multiple layouts available for the ALT + TAB window switcher and [...]

Isteg hides files in images


Some items in your personal computer are so important that the security of your login password alone is not enough and you face the constant threat of the file being compromised. To rid your mind of all this unnecessary tension we have found the right solution for you. Behold the Isteg.

Apple Products in 2012


2012 will be the first year of modern Apple without Steve Jobs. Tech enthusiasts want to see how Apple will perform in 2012 without Steve Jobs.In 2012, Apple is introducing improved products to meet customer needs. New expected launches in 2012 from Appple  are iPhone 5, iPad 3 and 15″ Macbook Air.

Add User Accounts on iPhone, iPad or iPod

iusers iphone

There is a buzz on TechCrunch about guest mode on smart phones. For jailbroken iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch owners there is a good news, they can setup multiple user accounts on their iOS devices.

Install Cinnamon on Ubuntu, Fedora or openSUSE


Cinnamon is Gnome 2 fork for Gnome 3 by Linux Mint team. It makes Gnome 3 users comfortable by a bottom panel with launchers, systray and notifications.
Installing Cinnamon doesn’t break Gnome Shell, you can install Gnome Shell and Cinnamon side by side.