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Apple Products in 2012

2012 will be the first year of modern Apple without Steve Jobs. Tech enthusiasts want to see how Apple will perform in 2012 without Steve Jobs.In 2012, Apple is introducing improved products to meet customer needs. New expected launches in 2012 from Appple  are iPhone 5, iPad 3 and 15″ Macbook Air.

iPhone 5

Since the launch of first iPhone, Apple is giving tough competition in Smartphone markets. Now, Apple is market leader in Smartphone industry. Apple is very competitive in market because of constant innovation in iPhone with its yearly releases. Last year, it was anticipated that iPhone 5 will come but instead of iPhone 5, an improved version of iPhone 4 named iPhone 4S was released. Now, in 2012 its time for a big update for iPhone because in 2011 people expected more from iPhone and they didn’t fill their expectations. Now, in 2012 Apple has opportunity to innovate and impress whole tech industry as it did with previous releases.

The next iPhone version which will be the 6th generation of iPhone and is rumored to be “iPhone 5″  is expected to have following features;

  • Complete makeover of hardware
  • To have an A6 quad-core processor
  • Larger, better display (may be super AMOLED display technology)
  • Expandable memory
  • Near-Field Communication (NFC)
  • Better battery Life
  • 4G data capability
  • Better Camera (better than iPhone 4S camera)

iPad 3

Apple gave birth to tablet market with the introduction if iPad. Previously, there were tablets but manufactures were not taking it seriously as a fully exploitable market but Apple did. Tablet markets are created by Apple with its great marketing strategies and technological innovation and now Apple controls more than 70% of the tablet market. Apple iPad is giving new entrants extremely high competition and making it more difficult for them every year with the introduction of new iPad every year. The Apple iPad 2 is considered to be the best tablet in the market and Apple is trying to improve it even more with the introduction of iPad 3 in 2012.

The next iPad will be the 3rd generation of iPad and it is rumored to be “iPad 3″. It has following expected changes;

  • Better Display (AMOLED or Apple retina display)
  • Higher capacity (128GB or more)
  • Better camera (front and back)
  • 4G capability
  • A smaller edition (a 7-inch tablet)

15″ Macbook Air

Macbook Air is one of the slimmest, most beautiful, power-packed laptops out there; but there is one problem – they are not available in bigger screens. However, the rumor-mill is telling us that Apple might roll out new 15-inch model in 2012. Many people may argue that additional 2-inches may not make much difference but at least it will add room for future bigger display releases of Macbook Air.


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  • Pete

    There won’t be a 7-inch version. These rumors have been circulating for ages because Apple made a ton of prototypes with different screen sizes and aspect ratios before settling with the current model.

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