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Rebuild a user account in OS X

OSX accounts

You could see a couple of issues with OS X which could deter in making some changes in configurations options and the beforehand accessible resources. One of these examples of this particular behavior is that your admin account is no more capable to validate the access the system preference settings even when you see them [...]

Speeding up Mac OS X Snow Leopard with These Tips


This post is written by Vishal Chaudhary of StellerInfo Snow Leopard seems to be slow and you are looking for solutions then you can try out the below steps to increase its speed.

Fix ‘NTLDR is missing’ Error & Recover Data From Unmountable Drive

hard drive partitions

In NTFS file system based volume, the information about every file and directory is stored in Master File Table (MFT). Therefore, we can say that MFT contains all the data which is needed by the operating system to retrieve files. However, there are times when some applications create and remove too many files on the [...]

Complete Guide To Undelete Photos From Corrupted Memory Card


This post is written by Oliver Powell of stellarinfo None of us want to bear the pain of losing photos of alluring moments of our life but almost all of us must have heard or suffered digital photo loss at least once. There can be various reasons responsible for photo loss, which may range from [...]

Best Linux Distros for Beginners


For Linux beginners it is always difficult to choose a suitable distro. This list of best Linux distributions for beginners will enable you to choose your distribution wisely especially if you are new to Linux. In beginning almost all users need help, all these distributions are well supported and well documented which will easily get [...]

Ways to take a screenshot on a Mac OS X


Guest Post by Margaret from Before going to capture the screenshot on Mac, you have to do just use the screen-capturing concept of the computer. There is no difference between Mac and Windows rather only you have to press different command named key. Otherwise, it is very simple and useful for most of the occasion when [...]