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5 Ways to Improve Battery Life of your Laptop


Laptops and mobile computing devices are the object of preference for a huge number of people these days. It is so mostly due to the fact that you can take your tablet, laptop or smart phone anywhere and keep connected to the world. In order to do so a fully functional and reliable battery is [...]

Use Microsoft Word to Post Directly to WordPress


This post concerns regular bloggers. For a WordPress blogger who writes post regularly for his/her blog it becomes very important to have a customized environment so as to improve efficiency and enhance ingenuity and creativity. Many bloggers are unable to achieve their full desired quality of the post because they do not get used to [...]

Windows 8 Beta (Consumer/Release Preview) Product key


After the release of the consumer preview of Windows 8 everyone is installing it to see what Microsoft has done this time to improve their OS. But to their dismay they are barred by a nagging dialogue that asks them for a product key before anything else, which is rather funny and confusing, as a [...]

0 A.D. Historical RTS Free Open-Source Game

0.A.D. Game

‘0 A.D.: Ides of March’ is an Alpha version multi-platform RTS game. It is available for Linux, Mac and Windows. It mostly has the same gameplay as any other RTS game.

Secure your Ubuntu desktop with BlueProximity


Ubuntu is considered as one of the most secure operating systems that are available to the common user. Still adding a little extra security to your Ubuntu desktop never hurts. With security we certainly don’t mean more passwords and the regular stuff, so don’t worry. BlueProximity is a unique piece of software that enables you [...]

How to add ‘My Computer’ to Windows 8 Start Screen


Talk about myself, I can’t imagine a desktop without My Computer icon. I mean you have to have a ‘My Computer’ icon on your desktop for God’s sake. But with the new Windows 8, sadly, the case is otherwise. With the new Start Screen and Metro User Interface and all, now you don’t have My [...]