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New in Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal Beta 1 full details here

iOS WordPress 3.1 App Released As A Major Update

iOS wordpress 3.1 app

iOS WordPress 3.1 app has been released last Wednesday as a major update to take advantage of by the users. This new version would enable the iOS users to manage their blogs more efficiently than ever before. As said by the WordPress Blog, the version 3.1 is enriched with 180 new features and fixes in [...]

Use Microsoft Word to Post Directly to WordPress


This post concerns regular bloggers. For a WordPress blogger who writes post regularly for his/her blog it becomes very important to have a customized environment so as to improve efficiency and enhance ingenuity and creativity. Many bloggers are unable to achieve their full desired quality of the post because they do not get used to [...]

Top 4 Premium WordPress Theme Frameworks


WordPress theme frameworks allows you to customize and mold your website according to your needs, there are many WordPress theme frameworks available in the market but now we would be looking at top 5 theme frameworks which just works.