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Install WebApps in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS full details here

Pinterest App Android iPad Version Released

Pinterest app for android & ipad

Pinterest App android ipad version has been launched which seems like a deliberate effort to take the app closer to people and make it more interactive by engrossing in interesting features, one of which is ability to pin via your device’s camera. As the company has introduced two device specific mobile apps, one is for [...]

RealPlayer Android Version Released

RealPlayer for Android

RealPlayer android version hit on the play store today which, in a swith, has surpassed VLC Beta version as realplayer mobile version adds a lot of value to your digital asset. This RealPlayer version for Android offers an all in one interface that lets you play music, watch videos and view photos. The media player app [...]

Transferring Files From Mac to iPhone Without Using iTunes


Transferring files from Mac to iPhone without using iTunes is possible now. As we know that iPhone is, undoubtedly, one heck of a device but despite being so feature-packed, convenient & revolutionary, there is one trifle hitch which might have got on your nerves by now and that is “Requirement of iTunes while transferring files” moreover, [...]

Atari Pitfall iOS Version Released

attari pitfall iOS

Atari Pitfall iOS version has been recently released to rev up the excitement of the classic Pitfall, the iconic 1982 Atari game lovers. However, the iOS game version is invigorated a bit whilst keeping the older flavor of running, jumping and swinging alive. The game is somewhat similar to the temple run but is definitely [...]

iOS WordPress 3.1 App Released As A Major Update

iOS wordpress 3.1 app

iOS WordPress 3.1 app has been released last Wednesday as a major update to take advantage of by the users. This new version would enable the iOS users to manage their blogs more efficiently than ever before. As said by the WordPress Blog, the version 3.1 is enriched with 180 new features and fixes in [...]

Scrolling iPhone Contacts In Easiest Ways

scrolling through contacts in iphone

Scrolling iPhone contacts is not as boring as few of you might think. As we know that iPhone, undoubtedly, is one of the most used devices today due to the convenience & ease it provides the users with. Similarly, iPhone also allow you to store hundred and thousands of contacts in the phone list. When it [...]