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New in Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal Beta 1 full details here

Pinterest App Android iPad Version Released

Pinterest app for android & ipad

Pinterest App android ipad version has been launched which seems like a deliberate effort to take the app closer to people and make it more interactive by engrossing in interesting features, one of which is ability to pin via your device’s camera. As the company has introduced two device specific mobile apps, one is for [...]

Organizing E-Mails In Outlook.Com

organizing e-mails in outlook.com

There are total five ways of organizing emails in outlook.com – A new free email platform by Microsoft – As we already stated in the previous article Outlook.com is going to substitute Hotmail.com, so before you move on to the new platform you need to be aware of certain ways necessary to organize your emails [...]

Outlook.Com Substitutes Hotmail.Com

Outlook.com logo

Microsoft is on a rollercoaster ride which is driving people crazy by throwing in blistering and ablazing back-to back updates. This time Microsoft has come up with a new yet free email account, Outlook.com which is rich in features and services provided compared to its counterpart Hotmail.com. It has a clean new look, also ties [...]


Google chrome version for iOS

A while ago, Google launched its iOS chrome version which despite having altogether different astounding features, is underperforming compared to Safari mobile browser speed and stability as we talked about it in article “Pros & Cons of Google Chrome Version For iOS”. On rescue, the Jail break community has showed some great enthusiasm towards this [...]



Since the arrival of timeline layout on FACEBOOK along with many other ‘Me-Too’ features of Google+. It has been noticed that whenever you go to your newsfeed, you will figure out a lot of unnecessary friend-stories i.e. be it their liking a stuff, commenting over something or else. All would be appearing on your newsfeed [...]

10 Best Websites For Online Video Downloading


Downloading videos online through websites is definitely a better option than to keep a downloader, itself, installed on your computing device. Realizing that, there can be seen numerous websites that provide this facility ‘but’ regardless of their service being at par. Therefore, mostly online downloading results in virus-attacks to bust up your device, distorted video/audio [...]