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New in Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal Beta 1 full details here


Google chrome version for iOS

A while ago, Google launched its iOS chrome version which despite having altogether different astounding features, is underperforming compared to Safari mobile browser speed and stability as we talked about it in article “Pros & Cons of Google Chrome Version For iOS”. On rescue, the Jail break community has showed some great enthusiasm towards this [...]

Pros & Cons Of Google Chrome Version For iOS


A few days back at the I/O conference in San Francisco, Google introduced its web browser Google Chrome version for iOS (An operating system that runs on Apple devices) which is now available for free at the app stores. The launch was so jubilant for the apple users that the newly launched iOS version of [...]

Firefox 14 Released for Android


The latest version of popular web browser Firefox is updated to version 14 on Google Play Store. With this new version the user interface and experience of Firefox Mobile browser for Android is drastically improved. According to Mozilla, the new Firefox 14 is twice as much faster than default Android browser. With more speed, Flash [...]

Install Google Chrome as Metro App in Windows 8


Windows 8 comes with two type of applications, Metro Apps & Classic Desktop Apps. The Metro applications are specially designed for touch user interface while desktop applications are classic windows apps that we run on our PC’s all the time. Microsoft currently doesn’t allow Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to be installed as Metro App. [...]

Opera 12 Released With Instant Makeover


Opera 12 has been released with some nice improvements which includes Instant Makeover (new theming platform), HTML 5 drag & drop and most of all 64 bit processors support.

Firefox will release Metro version for Windows 8


Mozilla has decided to target future Windows Tablet market by releasing Metro version of Firefox Browser. Currently Mozilla has released Firefox for Android and it sill be releasing similar for Windows 8 Metro. For people wondering about Firefox for iOS, currently Apple AppStore TOS doesn’t allow full featured web browser for iOS. Firefox for Windows [...]