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Install WebApps in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS full details here

Search Full Text in Ubuntu via Recoll Unity Lens


The default Unity search is not as complete as found in latest Mac and Windows Operating Systems. You can achieve that usability via Recoll-Lens.

Install Ubuntu WebApps in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS


Ubuntu WebApps is the latest killer feature developed for Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quentzal. With Ubuntu WebApps websites like Gmail, Grooveshark, Last.fm, Facebook, Google Docs and many more are integrated with Ubuntu desktop. These webapps are fully integrated with Unity HUD, Sound & Messaging notifications menu and Unity Quicklists support.

Confirmed: Valve Bringing Steam To Ubuntu Linux


Valve officially confirmed that their Game Distribution Client “Steam” is coming to Ubuntu Linux.

MiniTube Updated With Mini Mode


The flash free YouTube player for Linux, Windows and Mac is updated mini mode which allow you to save more screen space by only showing video and windows title bar in mini mode. It is quite useful for saving screen space for more productivity and work after you played your desired video or channel. Also [...]

Install Sublime Text 2 via PPA Ubuntu

Sublime Text 2

Sublime Text 2 is very elegant text editor available for Windows, Mac and Linux. After long testing over a year the stable version of Sublime Text 2 is finally released which can be easily downloaded for Windows and Mac from here but for Linux/Ubuntu it is available for tar.bz2 format, installation of  tar archives can [...]

Opera 12 Released With Instant Makeover


Opera 12 has been released with some nice improvements which includes Instant Makeover (new theming platform), HTML 5 drag & drop and most of all 64 bit processors support.