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Top 4 Premium WordPress Theme Frameworks

    WordPress theme frameworks allows you to customize and mold your website according to your needs, there are many WordPress theme frameworks available in the market but now we would be looking at top 5 theme frameworks which just works.

    Advantages of WordPress Theme Frameworks

    Many wordpress users start customizing wordpress from scratch in which they first develop HTML code and than add wordpress code into it or add HTML over very basic wordpress code. This way of customizing is very inefficient and wastage of time and money and many times developed themes have some critical performance issue which makes this technique unreliable on sites with high traffic.

    WordPress Theme Frameworks acts like a starter theme by experienced wordpress developers with special focus on performance and efficiency. These theme frameworks comes with good commented code and excellent documentation and support.

    One of the major advantage of using wordpress theme frameworks is SEO advantage, almost all theme frameworks come with very fine SEO setting which gives you total control over meta-description over your website.

    Why Premium Frameworks?

    Premium frameworks have good support and nice tutorials. One of the main reason people go for premium frameworks is that you know that they will get updated quickly if something breaks after wordpress upgrade. It gives you satisfaction and make your website safe for any drastic changes in future.

    Genesis Theme Framework

    Genesis Theme Framework should be your choice if you are planning to make Child Theme, Genesis also have store with many child themes suited for different needs. Genesis is frequently updated and have nice SEO options. Major advantage of Genesis is its Tutorials.

    Genesis Website


    PageLines is a professional website platform for wordpress. It is drag and drop platform built on top of wordpress which gives PageLines more content management features and makes it more noob friendly. You can see amazing designs developed using PageLines in Themes Showcase.

    PageLines Website

    Headway Themes

    It is full-featured wordpress theme framework with lot of options for coders and noobs. Headway can be easily tweaked without any coding knowledge. It is more featured filled than any mentioned theme framework, only disadvantage of Headway is that is more expensive compared with other theme frameworks.

    Headway Themes Website

    Thesis Theme Framework

    Thesis is most popular premium wordpress theme framework available for wordpress with more than 40 thousand users. Thesis facilitates non-coders with option panels which allow users to manipulate theme without knowing code. With Thesis very well and efficient coding your website will perform brilliantly.

    Thesis Website