10 Best games for iPhone

You got your iPhone and now you are trying to fill it up with cool stuff, right? This is the right place for it. These games will blow your mind. They are addicting and entertaining and any other synonyms or derivatives you can think of such words. Here are the 10 best, the most awesome iPhone games around that you can enjoy.

Angry Birds

Its a personal favorite. The title may seem childish but I’ve seen a wide range of people literally drowned in this game. With a simple story line and a very easy gameplay and involves basic physics of vectors, trajectories and the point of impact. Angry Birds is an addicting must-have game for your iPhone.

Meteor Blitz

It is one of the best arcade games available for iPhone. The game provides an awesome graphical user interface through great graphics and conceptual art. The game has allows complete control and it also has 6 worlds that can be unlocked as the player progresses through.

GeoDefence Swarm

A new game with basically an old concept, i.e. setup your defense strategically so that you can keep the enemies at bay. The gameplay and user interface is very entertaining. It is not a very difficult game to master but the trick is to have a quick set of mind and fingers. There’s just one down side to it though… the game literally “Eats” battery. Other than that it’s a fun app to have.


It is a fun game of words. The game provides you with a grid of jumbled letters and you have to find the words hidden in the grid. You can connect the letters next to the selected letter in any direction which is up, down, left, right or diagonally so. If lost, shake the phone and the letters will rearrange themselves for your help. The game provides a time limit to make score and scores can be compared online with friends.

Plants vs. Zombies

Attention! Attention! Your lawn is being invaded and raided by zombies. Get your arsenal ready to keep them off your precious flowers and grass. Use everything you got even if its corn or a frozen melon, who cares. Lets ‘bombard’ some sense into these stupid zombies.


Pictureka is yet another addicting game for iPhone users. Its like experience when you are trying to find a very small object in the mess of your room. This game gives you a very messy picture and gives a list of things to find in that picture. Old school, right? But you can’t begin to imagine the addiction and the fun of it unless you have played it.

Doodle Jump

Doodle jump is an all-time great game for iPhones. Mostly handled by the accelerometer of your device, move the character around the game screen. It is a comparatively long game so it keeps you curious and the cool backdrops add to the fun so its hard put down once started.

Cut the Rope

Maneuver the candy from the starting point to Om Nom’s, the little green lizard like thingy, watering mouth. But beware; the path you walk is full of hurdles, obstacles and rope-cutting swishes. Just another cool way to kill time.

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is another personal favorite of mine. You’ll be the ninja and fruit will be your evil and cunning adversary. Halfbrick Studio has made this fruit slicing much more fun than in real world. But its not only the fruit that appear. Look out for the dangerous bombs which can over the game for you if you slice through them. Cut open as many fruit as you can and you can also boast your score online amongst your friends.


Scrabble may be the most adored board word game of the world. But on the iPhone it has taken another step forward using the communication advancement. Now you can compete online and via Facebook with your friends and family. It also has a very helpful tutorial feature. Also it allows you to compete with the computer at different levels of difficulty and has cheating feature for first-timers.


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