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Jelly Batteries: Smaller, cheaper, cooler!

Batteries are some of the most used basic necessity of life for humans in the 21st century. They are everywhere, from your handheld mobile phone to the car you drive or even in the air craft that you travel in.

For a thing of such abundance and importance, they also have equally abundant drawbacks. They are heavy, toxic, non-durable sometimes and overheating all the time. But a group of researchers from the University of Leeds has come to the aid of humanity and made some really great stuff for all of us.

Jelly batteries are the latest breakthrough in the industry. This invention is said to have a potential of revolutionizing your whole battery related experience. They are supposed to be cooler than your ordinary batteries and will give you better standby time as well.

Now these awesome batteries are not just on a short scale. They can generate enough power to work your laptop or even your electric vehicle. This British invention contains a gelatinous substance made up of lithium. This jelly is lighter than the usual electrode and electrolyte batteries in your cars. They are less toxic than ordinary batteries.

The best part (from a consumer point of view) they are also cheaper than the ordinary batteries. According to the scientists, the jelly batteries would be 10-20% the price of the ordinary liquid electrolyte batteries.

With this great invention both the laptop industry and the electric vehicle industry could get great benefit, which would make overall prices go lower, while providing a battery that does not over heat.


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Jelly batteries

  • Rochelle

    Never heard of these. Thanks for sharing this.