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Firefox 14 Released for Android

    The latest version of popular web browser Firefox is updated to version 14 on Google Play Store. With this new version the user interface and experience of Firefox Mobile browser for Android is drastically improved. According to Mozilla, the new Firefox 14 is twice as much faster than default Android browser. With more speed, Flash and HTML5 support the Firefox for Android is nearly as complete web browser as its desktop counterpart. According to Mozilla the revamped user interface is much more faster than before, now you can more quickly zoom, pan and launch the browser.

    Firefox 14 for Android "awesome screen"Firefox 14 for Android Bookmarks screen


    The new Firefox 14 for Android have good support for flash which is nice (even though I hate it) and more HTML5 support which was previously only on Beta version of Firefox on Google Play Store. More features include “awesome screen” which displays all bookmarks, history and supported passwords with synchronizing option of-course. The synchronization options are much more like Safari in iOS6 and Chrome where all of your bookmarks and browsing data is saved on the cloud server. These synchronization options are nice to have if you want to stick to Firefox on all platforms (except iOS of-course).

    The Firefox 14 for Android is good little awesome browser and most recommended if you are using Firefox Sync. Also Firefox is planning a Tablet revamped version of Firefox for Android which will bring good web user experience across Android Tablets.

    Download Firefox 14 for Android from Google Play Store