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Pros & Cons Of Google Chrome Version For iOS

    A few days back at the I/O conference in San Francisco, Google introduced its web browser Google Chrome version for iOS (An operating system that runs on Apple devices) which is now available for free at the app stores. The launch was so jubilant for the apple users that the newly launched iOS version of Chrome instantly sky rocketed straight to the top at the free apps chart in US.

    When it comes on web browsing on APPLE’s iOS based devices, the mainly used browsers are very few consisting of Safari by Apple & Opera Mini by Opera but the launch of Google Chrome version of iOS has inflicted new life into this skewed browsing competition.  The alternative browser by Chrome has come up with many features but to name best of all,

    1. It lets you synchronize your Google Chrome Bookmarks, Open Tabs, Passwords and Browsing history between your Apple device and other devices. This synchronization would take place automatically. I.e. if you are signed in to your Google account than you would be able to see and easily access all the other tabs opened in Chrome browser on other devices, at your Apple device.
    2. Instead of opting for standard version of Chrome browser, a separate more protected version can also be used to overcome your privacy concerns. While in Safari you have to enable the privacy browsing option manually
    3.  You can open up unlimited tabs on Chrome browser compared to Safari where the number is limited to 9 only
    4. You can also request for a full desktop version of a website being opened up through your Chrome version of Apple devices
    5. You can also search through Google Chrome browser by using your VOICE. All you need to do just tap on the little micro phone logo in the URL bar

    Apart from these astounding features, Google Chrome version of iOS is not without few demerits,

    1. Chrome version for iOS is not as quick as the native Safari browser. When you will try to open up sites that contain Ajax, Ads, Web 2.0 style content or
      even try to load Java Script then you can feel the performance difference
    2. You can not change your default browser from Safari to Chrome in Apple devices unless you feel like jail-breaking it

    These were the pros and cons of Google Chrome version of iOS based Apple devices. Though Google version has promising features along with few glitches but despite that we have to say, Google attempt to creep into Apple territory has succeeded at the moment.