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Invigorated DIGG Is To Be Re-Launched On August 1, 2012

A user driven content website DIGG is going to make its mark, once again, on the surface via rejuvenated launch of the website which has been acquired by Betaworks earlier this month. This acquisition raised a lot of speculations about the company and its plans of dealing with the Digg. However, Betaworks has recently issued first concerned update for the general public through social networking sites about the initial plan. According to which there will be a launch of new Digg v1 on top of a new infrastructure and fresh code base by August 1, 2012. As the team reaffirmed, “The old Digg infrastructure was expensive and it afforded us little latitude to innovate and build at a fast clip,” the company further said. “So four weeks ago, we set an aggressive goal to move to a new infrastructure by August 1. We are starting with a fresh code base — it’s modern, it’s fast, and it’s shiny and new.” Betaworks also reported, they do not have enough resources to waste. However, they are determined to gain more and more user experience before devising any business model because the ultimate strategy revolves around them. These statements make one thing clear, Betaworks is firmly interested in rebuilding the Digg, a site which, once, was the darling of web 2.0 but what they are going to do with the site and what kind of features they are going to engross in, is yet to be seen and be waited for eagerly.