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5 Best Reddit Apps For Android

None of us is unaware of the success that REDDIT has gained over a short time span. Well for those who don’t know, It’s a discussion based social network that lets its users submit any kind of content for which they want to get response from people around the world. Having embraced the success of Reddit, today iOS users have fully functional official client by the name of iREDDIT but same is not the case with Google mobile users, despite that it is not hard to say that Android addicts are bombarded by the many Reddit Clients & Reddit Apps. So in the article we’ll pinpoint the best Reddit apps that android users can use to levitate their Reddit experience;


It can be seen as the most complete, feature-packed  and thorough app that provides you with features like SubReddit groupings management & subscriptions, keyword & domain filtering, direct picture uploading, custom link, text and photo submission, complete inbox access, color-coded comments thread, multi-sized customizable home-screen widgets, day/night reading mode, real-time notifications, Karma points table and a fully customizable homepage. BaconReader is considered as the best Reddit client for Android because of the range of features it provides. Well, it is available in two versions for download. One is free and other one is $1.99 premium version which would be free of distracting ads else both of the versions share same features

Reddit Sync

This is relatively new for Android users however, despite that it has gained great amount of kudos for the users. The features it provides include a dedicated browser, easy SubReddit lookup, management & subscription, GIF viewer, inbox support, threaded comments, NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content filter, favorite content sharing, dark/light reading mode, karma points, and content sorting along with few handy aspects like the option to pick from as many as 5 different color schemes, preview embedded content inline, view images in full-screen and set the initial count for comments per post. Though it still lack few of the key features but it can be said that after mitigation of the rough edges it would turn up as one of the most famous and complete Reddit apps for Android. Moreover, the app required Android v2.2 to run and is also available in pro version for $2.44 to download along with extended features.

Reddit News

It is latest to the scene but, in short time-span, has turned up as a favorite app of many Android users due to the range of conventional & unconventional options it offer. Naming the important unconventional one is its very own Reddit action bar, which let you up/down vote – bookmark – hide – comment on the post or directly jump to the corresponding SubReddit to explore other relevant posts. Moreover, it has also creating ripples in the market due its beautiful ICS user-friendly interface which is worth having this app on your device. All the Reddit News features are available for free but you can also purchase paid ad-less version for $1.98. However, bare in mid that you will be needing Android v4.2 to run this app.


It can be said as one of the most stable and best in handling images compared to others. Despite the fe rough edges the app has, it still has managed to amass good user base which is an evident of its likeability and usability. The key features it provides include an eye-soothing ICS-style Holo theme, complete inbox access, extensive management of starred/bookmarked posts, threaded comments, built-in content browser, option to save comments, quick access to some of the most popular SubReddits, and a handful of elementary Reddit tools. All these features are enough in making it one of the most promising Reddit apps available for Android today. It is also available in free as well as paid versions. Choice is all yours how you’d like to trade off between the two.

Reddit is Fun

It is the only Reddit app that allows you to have a customizable home-screen widget. Its UI resembles to actual Reddit website, making it an absolute fun to use.  Like most of the apps appearing on this list, Reddit Is Fun also sports the Holo theme, lets you choose between the dark and light reading mode, supports simple content filtering, pagination, commenting and messaging, has a smart Subreddit search system, can pre-fetch images and supports a host of common Reddit tools. But the key of the app is the uniqueness it provides its users with. The app tries to keep you as close to the reality as possible be it casting votes method or SubReddit management mechanism, all are contributing in making it one of the kinds Reddit apps for Android users. Like many other apps, “Reddit is Fun” is also available in free and pro versions, the later would be notorious-ad free.

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    Reddit is a very popular social news website in the internet world. These all Reddit apps for android users look very interesting which you have described over here. I also use android phone so these all applications are very beneficial for me.