Tribler makes FileSharing Immortal and Impossible to Block

Major websites are uncertain about their future due to recent raid on Megaupload &, PirateBay moves to .SE domain to avoid domain seizure, BTJunkie which is one of the biggest torrent site shut down voluntarily. But for file-sharers if you close one door they will open another.

Tribler is a decentralized bittorrent client which is developed by researchers at Delft University of Technology, this client can operate independently without the need of bittorrent websites sharing .torrent files, this is possible due to the usage of peer-to-peer communication technology.

Tribler is there in development for almost 5 years now but it is ignored by masses, now its need is felt more than ever. Tribler seems solid filesharing platform as it is not dependent on servers, sharing websites, dns etc.. which can easily be taken down.

The only way to take it down is to take the Internet down ~says lead researcher

Tribler is Immortal as it doesn’t require any web servers or domains, it will be functional even when all torrent websites, trackers, searchers are taken down. In past 6 years Tribler have zero second downtime.

Tribler downloading works in decentralized way with the help of peer-to-peer communication just like bittorrent protocol, client uses bittorrent trackers to communicate with peers but it can continue downloading when trackers are down.

One of the biggest problem with torrent websites is spam, viruses and fake files, Tribler controls is effectively by the use of crowd-sourcing through which content is verified through user generated channels which are liked by others, the more user liked channel torrents than boost up in the search rankings of the Tribler search engine.

Tribler have an option to edit names and descriptions of torrent files which is supported through wiki-like editing system named “open2Edit”

Tribler is fully capable of resisting any pressure from outside, and it will still work when all torrent sites and trackers are gone. It simply can’t be shutdown, blocked or censored, whatever laws politicians may come up with. ~Tribler leader Dr. Pouwelse

The only issue I can see is the users list to bootstrap, find more about bootstrap Tribler

Download Tribler


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