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Best Linux Distros for Beginners

    For Linux beginners it is always difficult to choose a suitable distro. This list of best Linux distributions for beginners will enable you to choose your distribution wisely especially if you are new to Linux. In beginning almost all users need help, all these distributions are well supported and well documented which will easily get you started.


    Used by more than 20 million people. It is based on the Debian Linux distribution and the name is an African philosophy (“humanity toward others”). It is comprised of many software packages, of which the vast majority are supplied under a free software license. This is, however, not the case for some proprietary hardware drivers. Ubuntu concentrates on usability, stability, and security. It emphasizes internationalization and accessibility. The great selection of software with which it is bundled includes Transmission, Empathy, Thunderbird, Firefox, and LibreOffice.

    This is the version of Linux I personally use at home. I grabbed a cheap laptop with a HP coupon code, stripped windows off of it, and installed Ubuntu. This is my online banking / shopping online machine. It was easy to set up, it had all the drivers my laptop needed, and I know it is better security wise than the Windows OS I removed.


    Previously known as Fedora Core. Its flexibility means that it can serve as a digital repository for a wide variety of purposes. To fulfill Fedora’s objective of occupying the cutting edge of technologies, its developers prefer upstream changes to fixes which are specific to Fedora, and so updates can be used on any Linux system. Fedora uses the Ext4 driver with Ext3 and Ext2 file systems. Fedora’s life cycle is short and can cause problems when used for product development in cases like embedded systems which require long-term support. The Fedora project is supported by a large community. Linus Torvalds, who wrote the Linux kernel, said that he employed Fedora because of its support for the PowerPC processor architecture.

    Ubuntu Linux has long been touted as being easy to install, configure, and Fedora 7 is said to be as good in these respects. Fedora’s security and updating mechanism are also easy to use. Fedora is bundled with GIMP, Evolution, Empathy, Firefox, and LibreOffice.


    This version of Linux aims for high performance combined with ease-of-use, and is favored by web content providers. It is used by many more users than are other projects, which provides much support. Many vendors also offer support. Video card drivers are not always shipped with the graphics card, particularly when the video card is at the bleeding edge of present technology. Most graphics card manufacturers, however, have the most up-to-date video card drivers on their website. Four 82598EB and three 82597EX controllers can be used with FreeBSD for Intel network connection. FreeBSD runs thousands of applications. It is supplied with more than 20,000 software packages which include business software, web browsers, games, databases, and server software.


    The most successful commercial distribution of Linux. Drivers are readily available. It is often recommended in online discussion forums for its ease-of-use, although the lack of bundled software is a disadvantage. Support is available from a users club and numerous other online support forums.

    About Author: Tom Clark is a technology enthusiast and an active participant in the Open Source Software movement. He is a lecturer and occasional contributes to discussions on emerging and new technology.

    • fksysko

      where’s Linux Mint??.

      • http://it-diary.com/ Rizwan Asif

        Linux Mint is Ubuntu based just without Unity and with some nice tweaks, for a beginner going for Ubuntu and Linux Mint doesn’t make much difference you can very easily move between them and the main learning curve involves commands and Package management and in that perspective both distributions are same.