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July 5, 2011

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Ubuntu is one of best Linux distributions around. Based on rock solid Debian, Ubuntu is fast and secure. Many people are moving from other operating systems to Ubuntu because of its ease of use and unique interface. As Ubuntu is becoming popular more and more applications are being developed. Some great applications are listed below:

Ubuntu Restricted Extras

One of main problems with fresh ubuntu install is that many codecs including mp3 are not bundled. However, now canonical introduced fluendo mp3 but rest of codecs are not supported. Ubuntu Restricted Extras install all video and audio codecs plus java and flash. Installing Ubuntu Restricted Extras is my first step after install fresh Ubuntu. Install it by running following command in Terminal.

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras


GIMP(GNU Image Manipulation Program)  is wonderful Photoshop alternative for Ubuntu. Gimp can be used to draw or professional photo retouching. GIMP comes with great documentation and tutorials. Refer for documentation and tutorials. Install GIMP by following command

sudo apt-get install gimp


WineHQ enables running Windows programs on Ubuntu. WineHQ is not emulator but technically a translation layer which enables Ubuntu to run Windows applications. You can see list of compatible applications from AppDB. Install WineHQ by running following command in Terminal.

sudo apt-get install wine


Default Ubuntu mail client is evolution which is slow and can not display html in mail. Thunderbird is best mail client for Ubuntu. It can be extended by addons. If you install Thunderbird then don’t forget to install Lightening addon which adds calender functionality in Thunderbird. Install Thunderbird by pasting following lines in Terminal.

sudo apt-get install thunderbird

Google Chrome

Yes, Ubuntu is bundled with Firefox browser but having two web browsers is smart and can help you in various circumstances. Google Chrome is fast and secure browsers out there with minimum user interface. Many people also prefer Chrome over Firefox. You can download latest Chrome from

Virtual Box

Virtual Box allows you to run other operating systems within Ubuntu. If you are using some specific application which is not compatible with WineHQ then Virtual Box will definitely help you. With the help of Virtual Box you can also test other great Linux distributions like Fedora, Kubuntu, OpenSuse etc. Download Virtual Box from

VLC Media Player

VLC is best open source media player which can play most of video formats. It is not only a media player but it can do lot more functions including ripping DVDs and streaming media on other computers. All these features make VLC a must have Ubuntu application. You can install VLC media player by following command

sudo apt-get install vlc

Miro 4

Miro 4 is whole new Media Centre Application. It can play audio and video files and has the ability to convert them. Miro 4 have built-in BitTorrent client, Android  and podcast support. Install latest Miro from


Cheese is a small application which allows you to take pictures and record videos from your webcam. Cheese comes with many handy graphical effects. You can install Cheese by running following command in Terminal.

sudo apt-get install cheese

Compiz Settings Manager

Compiz Setting Manager lets you to take control over all eye candy effects ubuntu has to offer. With the help of Compiz Settings Manager you can customize eye candy effects according to your likings. Install Compiz Settings Manager by this command

sudo apt-get install ccsm


Skype Video Chatting applications can also be installed on Ubuntu Linux. Just follow steps on Skype Website

These softwares can also be installed through Ubuntu Software Centre

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