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Calligra Suite: Better Office & Graphics Applications

    The Calligra Suite now comes pre-installed in Kubuntu 12.04 instead of LibreOffice, Calligra Suite is set of applications which satisfies daily office, graphics and management needs.

    Calligra suite as a whole provides consistency and standardization with common user interface. The Calligra suite user interface have modern looks and wide-screen display support. The Calligra suite uses Open Document Format (ODF) as it is compatible with other office applications like LibreOffice, OpenOffice and Microsoft Office. Also Calligra Suite have best support for Microsoft Office 2007+ file formats with greatest accuracy. Calligra Office suite consists of Calligra Words, Calligra Stage, Calligra Sheets, Calligra Flow and Kexi software packages. The Graphic designing suite have Krita and Karbon. The management application provided by Calligra Suite is Plan.

    Calligra Words

    With Calligra Words you can create nice formatted documents, you can insert objects like pictures or charts which can be easily edited and formated with drag support and inserted through few clicks.

    Calligra Stage

    The Calligra Stage have all the options you need to create impressive presentations, Calligra Stage have good options to design backgrounds and to make more attractive presentations, Calligra Stage have ability to insert images, videos and animations which can be done with few clicks.

    Calligra Sheets

    Calligra Sheets is used to create spreadsheets for general home and business usage, data can be organized and presented very well with the help of formulas and charts. Calligra sheets also comes with wide range of pre-configured formulas.

    Calligra Flow

    Calligra is used to make flow charts; it comes with stencils with the help of which you can make anything you want. Specific options are there for Networking, Renewable Energy, Chemistry, Building sites and many more to help customizing diagrams.


    It is database application which stores all database objects which includes tables, queries, forms and reports, with the help of Kexi you can easily insert & edit data, perform queries and process data. Forms can also be created to give customized interface to your data.


    It is full solution for digital paintings, with the help of Krita you can create mind-blowing digital art from scratch. Krita supports concept art, creation of comics and textures for rendering.


    Create illustrations with vector graphics using it, this is possible due to advanced layered image support by Karbon, these layered images can be used for illustrations, instructions etc. Karbon supports SVG format which is industry standard for verctor graphics, this feature enables you to import any SVG files you made to Karbon and vice versa.


    Plan offers better project management tools, you can define tasks and estimated effort needed to perform tasks, allocate resources to your tasks and then Plan schedules the task according to task dependencies and time constraints. You can reschedule afterwards according to your needs. After entering task progress you can see estimates about remaining resources and time of completion etc.


    It is note taking application, you can dump all ideas that are in your brain in this application, than braindump will allow you to organize those ideas and bring them to proper documented shape.

    Download Calligra

    Calligra Suite is available in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin repositories, just search “Calligra” in Ubuntu Software Center.

    For Other Distributions including Ubuntu 11.10 or lower

    For Windows.

    For Mac OSX

    For FreeBSD

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