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Install WebApps in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS full details here

GIMP 2.8 with Single-Window Mode Released

    The most awaited GIMP 2.8 with single-window mode is finally available to download after 3 years of development and testing.

    Other new features include Multi-Column Dock Windows, More Screen Real Estate For Dockable Dialogs, Layer Groups, On-Canvas Text Editing, Simple Math In Size Entries and more.

    The GIMP was previously criticized for its user interface which confuses new users and experienced adobe users as well. The main hurdle was absence single-window mode. So GIMP community decided to resolve as much user interface issues as they can in GIMP 2.8. The single-window mode will surely make life easier for most of us.

    New Features in GIMP 2.8

    The main new features in GIMP 2.8 are following.

    • Single-Window Mode: It can be turned on from the Windows menu.
    • Multi-column dock windows: For more customization.
    • Improved screen real estate for dockable dialogs
    • Save & Export clearly separated conceptually, save option will only save in XCF native GIMP format and Export option will be use for other formats.
    • Layer Groups: For organized in tree-like layer structures
    • On-canvas text editing: Now test editing will not use separate window.
    • Tag brushes and patterns
    • New slider widgets
    • New set of default brushes and tool presets from GIMP Paint Studio
    • Brushes are now rotatable
    • Tools drawn Cairo for smooth anti-aliased graphics
    • Lock Pixels feature
    • Export to PDF
    • Cage Transform: New tool to warp object parts using adjustable user-defined polygonal frame
    • and more

    The full list of changes can be viewed at GIMP 2.8 Release Notes.


    For all Windows and Mac go to GIMP Downloads

    For Ubuntu 12.04 and 11.10 use following commands to add PPA and install GIMP 2.8

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:otto-kesselgulasch/gimp
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install gimp

    If GIMP does not work properly than try removing GIMP plugin registry package with following command

    sudo apt-get remove gimp-plugin-registry

    If you have any problem regarding installation let me know by comments.

    • Illusion

      However after installing This is still not opening in one window, I saw interface is same in diffetent windows.

      any tips…?

      • http://it-diary.com/ Rizwan Asif

        you need to go to Windows menu and enable single window view from there.