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4 Best RSS News Reader Applications

    In this dramatically changing world when everything is changing so fast that is very difficult to keep track of everything. But with the help of RSS news readers you can keep track of every website of your interest, managing and keeping good RSS website set keeps you updated all the time with latest news.

    We have filtered most feature filled and widely used RSS readers which are highly recommended by us for better RSS news reading experience.


    Feedly provides a magazine like user interface to enable you quickly access your favorite articles and news with social features like sharing articles and news stories on social media websites. Feedly comes with default set of RSS feeds but users can always remove/edit and add more feeds to get more personalized user experience. Feedly is available on all major platforms, on Windows, Mac and Linux you can get feedly working via Chrome of Firefox extensions and dedicated applications for both iOS and Android.

    Google Reader

    Google Reader is all in one place for all of your feeds, with its continuously evolving experience and user interface it is best RSS reader for many users. All you need is to go to reader.google.com and login with your current google user account and voala! Start adding your RSS feeds and access them with Google Reader web user interface. Another advantage of Google Reader is that it becomes your central point of all RSS feeds and client application like Reeder and FeedDaemon access them to synchronize content, so you can use different readers like Reeder on iOS and FeedDaemon on Windows PC and you will get synchronized, read articles will be marked and you will start from wherever you left.


    If you are Apple fanboy than you should opt for Reeder. Reeder is specifically designed for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and Mac OSX. With its easy understandable user interface you can find latest news and articles more easily. One major plus point of Reeder is that is very closely integrated with Google Reader and all of your news feeds are synchronized with Google Reader, articles/news that you have read are marked as read on Google Reader which is nice and handy. Reeder for Mac & iPad costs $4.99 and for iPhone/iPod touch it costs $2.99 you can find it on AppStore.


    FeedDaemon is probably the best feed reader desktop application available for users. It is well integrated with Google Reader, synchronizes unread posts with Google reader. The tagging and watches module of FeedDaemon makes it a superior choice, you can tag content for easy classification and with watches FeedDamon will alert you when specified keyword appears in your subscribed feeds. Moreover you can create list of specific keywords to track them when they appear in your feeds. FeedDaemon is Free and most recommended for Windows users.

    There are plenty of more useful RSS reader applications, notable applications include Netvibes, NetNewsWire (Mac)Liferea (Ubuntu), NewsBlur and Brief (Firefox).

    Do you know any better RSS reader? Do tell us via comments below.