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Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin Released

    Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin has been released with many new features & improvements. Ubuntu 12.04 is the latest Long Term Support version which will be supported until April, 2017.

    Since the first release in October, 2004 Ubuntu is regularly updated after every six months, and LTS release every 2 years. The LTS version ensures stability and performance and six month release ensures that you have all the latest and greatest applications and packages the open-source world to offer. LTS was supported 3 years for Desktop and 5 years for Server versions but from Ubuntu 12.04 onwards all LTS releases will be supported for 5 years.

    Default Wallpaper

    The default wallpaper for Ubuntu 12.04 has been changed. The following image is the new wallpaper for Ubuntu 12.04.

    Unity Changes

    Unity is default user interface for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin, majority of users disliked Unity when it was first released in Ubuntu 11.04 but since then Unity has matured over time. Now Unity is maturing and becoming more useable and adoptable. The most noticeable Unity change in Ubuntu 12.04 is in fact introduction of HUD and Multi Monitor support.

    HUD is a useful interface which enable users to search application menus. HUD can be accessed by tapping ALT key than type menu which you want to access.

    Multi Monitor support has been added, a new option added to display settings which with option to show launcher on one screen or all.

    The home of Unity dash is changed from big six icons to recent files & applications.

    The files lens no longer relies on Zeitgeist which means now you can search files that you never opened via Unity Dash.

    The music lens now supports Rhythmbox.

    There is new lens which supports offline videos and online videos from Vimeo, YouTube, Amazon, TED, BBC iPlayer, etc.

    New ‘push-to-reveal’ mode for Unity Launcher which ensures that launcher is not opened accidentally.

    Addition of useful ‘middle-click pasting’ within the search area using Alt+F2 and Dash is now available.

    Dash now tells “Sorry, there are no files of folders that match your search” when there is no result to show and justification of search bar in Unity Dash.

    Unity 2D also got major changes including HUD support, now it looks almost same as Unity 3D with chameleonic look.

    Unity launcher dodge-windows mode has been removed.

    Tooltips and Quicklists now look better.

    Ubuntu Software Center is now fully integrated with Unity interface, when you install new application via Ubuntu Software Center the app icon is added into unity launcher with a new animation in which app icon moves from UBS to Unity launcher, this animation is quick but enough to notify user where application is added in Unity launcher. After installation the application icon wiggles identifying user that installation is complete. It also shows progress bar of current installations on Ubuntu Software Center icon.

    Overall Unity is stabler, useful and lightweight as compared to previous versions.

    User Interface Changes

    System Settings > Appearance now allows user to tweak some Unity settings.

    Ambiance and Radiance themes are tweaked with new titlebar gradient, unfocused state and darker Nautilus sidebar.

    NotifyOSD uses blur and median color which depends upon your wallpaper color.

    Shortcuts hint overlay is displayed by pressing and holding super key, it contains all time saving shortcuts you should know to use Ubuntu.

    In LightDM the Unity Greeter Session Choosing Dialogue tweaked and looks prettier.

    Privacy in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS has been increased by the inclusion of privacy manager which can be found under system settings > privacy. This eradicates the privacy issues due to Zeitgeist. From Zeitgeist Activity log manager you can blacklist applications or folders to show up in Dash.

    Other Important Changes

    Default music player is now Rhythmbox with Ubuntu One music store.

    Major changes in Ubuntu One with revamped user interface, complete proxy support and removed contacts sync.

    Introduction of now system management application Landscape (helps you monitor, manage and update your entire Ubuntu infrastructure from a single interface)

    New Default ALT+TAB behavior which now shows applications on current workspace.

    Various Gnome Control Center (System Settings) improvements.

    DNS resolution is now done with dnsmasq.

    Improved Touchpad support.

    Undo/Redo ability is added in Nautilus.


    Download Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin from following link.

    Download Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin