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AwOken 2.4 Icon Theme With Ubuntu 12.04 Support

    AwOken 2.4 is updated version of popular linux icon theme with new mail icons, action icons, mimetype icons Ubuntu 12.04 precise pangolin support and more.

    The power of Linux meets the power of design to get best desktop experience ever. With AwOken icon theme you can personalize your linux desktop with 46 folder types logo, 123 start-here logos with ability to customize more with color options, with AwOken color customization ability is insane, there are 1003 color options available.

    The new version AwOken 2.4 comes with complete support for Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin, mail, action and mimetype icons and much more.

    All changes in AwOken 2.4

    • AwOken folders are added for more integration stylish looks
    • mimetypes now use a different template icon modified from Elementary icon set and they are more refined in 24×24 version!
    • More cleaner and integerated icon set with 22×22 actions icons updated to 24x24px and 128x128px resolutions.
    • Mail icons redrawn (both in higher and in lower resolution).
    • Added ppa for Ubuntu 12.04 precise pangolin.
    • colorization script is now faster, cleaner and supports parallel processing leading to performance improvement on multi-core systems.
    • Colorization script now accepts RGB colors instead of CMY colors
    • Revised Installation and Instructions PDF file.
    • Removed gedit choice from the customization script.
    • Removed some folder sub-types, to reduce iconset size. Removed folders are classy-yellow, classy-carboard, classy-white, classy-black. For the same reason, removed (from other folder types) folder-joomla, folder-wip, folder-science2, folder-windows, folder-apple, folder-ffw, folder-byte, folder-cd, folder-fonts, folder-linux1, folder-linux2, folder-public, folder-important.
    • Applications added or redrawn: accessories-text-editor-symbolic, document-open-symbolic, network-wired-disconnected, ubuntu-one emblems, gtk-zoom-100 in 22x22px, jdownloader, gwibber, mail-message-new, mail-forward, mail-outbox, mail-mark-important (-junk, -notjunk, -unread, -spam), mail-reply, mail-reply-all, mail-move, edit-delete-mail, extract-archive, add-files-to-archive, add-folder-to-archive, gnome-pie, gelemental, luminance-hdr, application-x-mint, grooveshark, mintinstall, addressbook icons, call-start, call-stop, fillmore, gpick, gftp, batti, marlin, kompozer, preferences-desktop, preferences-system, preferences-desktop-personal, mime for video, midori, djvulibre, plank, fontforge, ffanvil, general settings icons, kupfer, acetoneiso, videoporama, beatbox, nvclock, cryptkeeper, bino, isomaster (I hope), gpixpod, graveman, gshutdown, ogmrip, billardgl, foobillard, fedora live usb, mp3-splt-gtk, yarock, scim-setup, application-fonts, mono-runtime, gnome-settings-default-applications, nitrogen, musique
    • Application added or redrawn in KDE version: application-x-tarz, imagewriter, script-error, code-context, edit-link, view-group, edit-select, select-rectangular, zoom-select, insert-text, select_rectangular, run-build-install-root

    Install on Ubuntu/Kubuntu via PPA

    Install AwOken 2.4 on Ubuntu by following commands

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:alecive/antigone
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install awoken-icon-theme

    After finishing downloading & installation of these packages you should run customization script to complete installation. The customization run following command


    For Kubuntu you need to replace awoken with kawoken in above mentioned commands.

    • Thomas Anderson

      Love this theme. Thankyou.