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Install Gnome Shell in Ubuntu 12.04

    Gnome Shell is primary user interface in Gnome 3 but it is not available in Ubuntu 12.04 by default. Gnome Shell is provides unique user interface for switching between windows and launching applications. Gnome Shell uses Mutter (Windows manager) instead of metacity for visual effects and hardware acceleration.

    The main part of Gnome Shell is Activities Overview which can be accessed by hovering mouse at top left corner or clicking at “Activities” at top left. Activities Overview have Dash on left side for quick switching and launching of applications, Search bar in middle, Workspace switcher/manager below search bar which is similar to Mac OS X’s Expos√© and Application picker.

    Additional functionality includes Messaging tray is at the bottom of the screen and notifications pop up in case of any event. Snapping like in Windows 7 when you move windows to screen borders it fill up half or full screen and Fallback mode which have similar interface like in Gnome 2 user interface which is mae up by Gnome Panels.

    Gnome Shell functionality doesn’t end here, it can be extended more with the help of extensions which can be easily written in JavaScript.

    You can easily install Gnome Shell in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin, just run following command in Terminal.

    sudo apt-get install gnome-shell

    After installing Gnome Shell you should log out and select GNOME as your session for Gnome Shell, to get back to Unity use Ubuntu as you default session in LightDM.

    • Frank Ribbensky

      I’ve persevered with Unity over the last couple of distributions but it just doesn’t do the job properly the shortcuts on the left DO NOT appear as readily as they claim, in any case I just don’t like it. The Gnome shell is a wonderful way around it. You can install it and still keep Unity, just select what you require from the menu at start up. Make sure you install the Ubuntu Tweak Tool so you can make the necessary adjustments to your window control buttons.