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Things to do After Installing Ubuntu 12.10

As Ubuntu 12.10 has been released, after downloading Ubuntu many of you would be wondering what to do next with your newly installed Ubuntu.

Install Restricted Media Codecs

Media codecs doesn’t come with Ubuntu due to legal reasons but you can install it yourself. The Ubuntu Restricted Extras package comes with all the codecs you will ever need to play a media file on Ubuntu.

Install Ubuntu Restricted Extras

Install proprietary drivers

Although with default open source drivers Ubuntu works flawlessly but you can boost 3D performance by installing proprietary drivers.

To install “proprietary drivers” just go to Dash and search for “Updates” and find Additional Drivers tab.

Install Updates

Although your Ubuntu installation is latest at this moment but in first 2-3 days important security fixes are often released. It is always important to keep your installation updated. To install updates just search for “Software Updates” in Dash.

Install Additional Icon Packs

The default icon pack is good but when there are more good looking icon packs available then there is no need to stick with default icons. Our favorite is Faenza Icon Theme and Nitrux.

Explore More Ubuntu 12.10 Features

Get into Ubuntu 12.10, check out latest new Wep Apps integration feature which allows you to integrate more than 30 web services into your desktop. Add some online accounts, the new feature of Ubuntu 12.10 in which you can keep all your accounts in one place and other applications take account information from there and lastly check out privacy settings and adjust them according to your needs.

Install Google Chrome/Chromium

The default Firefox is brilliant but it is always good to have two web browsers especially if you are a web designer and need to test your layouts in more browsers.

Download and Install Chromium

Install Ubuntu Tweak

For more customization of your Ubuntu installation install Ubuntu Tweak which offers most comprehensive tools to modify Unity and general desktop behavior.

To Download Ubuntu Tweak use following commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tualatrix/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ubuntu-tweak
  • Ray_bon

    #1 thing to do: UNinstall Ubuncrap and install Linux Mint.

    • http://twitter.com/mohammedsiddieg mohammed siddieg

      really ? if mint was based on something else other than ubuntu, we would have understood your point, please don’t piss where you eat. a little bit of common sense will help !

    • pi4a

      I like Lubuntu much better. Mint seems crap to me.

    • LikeBuffaloWingsALittleTooMuch

      IIRC, the Linux Mint based on Ubuntu 12.10 is due in December of this year.

    • http://it-diary.com/ Rizwan Asif

      use Xubuntu with compiz and emerald http://it-diary.com/tutorials/install-compiz-emerald-xubuntu-12-04/ if you don’t like Unity.

    • Dee

      Mint (version based on 12.04) refuses to install on one of my older boxes where 12.04 installs just fine … Decided to use Xfce 12.04 instead.

  • v1adg

    Check it out, wipe, install fedora .

  • LikeBuffaloWingsALittleTooMuch

    #1 Thing: Say to yourself “Oh my gosh, ATI’s proprietary driver for this release of Ubuntu doesn’t support my just-three-years-old graphics chip? Why on EARTH didn’t Ubuntu mention this in their release notes or in their installer????”

    Then, #2: Decide whether you want to use an older version of Ubuntu, or if you would prefer to use the open-source driver.

    And if you chose the open source driver: step #3: Ask Why T.F. did Ubuntu release this when, even using the open-source driver, the display is goofed up when resuming after a suspend.

  • snsa00

    #1 : Least you could do is go back to Ubuntu 12.04, works..

    Dont mend it if it isnt broken, so stay on Ubuntu 12.04 instead of upgrading to 12.10

    I experienced all what LikeBuffaloWingsALittleTooMuch had already posted.

    Wasted more than a day just trying to figure out where I went wrong.

    • Vole_tron

      Stick to LTS releases, everything in between should be considered a work-in-progress.