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Lightworks Coming to Ubuntu Linux in October

The Oscar Winning professional level non-linear video editor Lightworks is coming to Ubuntu Linux, the release date is 30th October.

Lightworks was open-sourced in May 2010, and quickly after announcement Windows open-source version of Lighworks was released. The Linux version release date originally announced was late 2011 and now promised to be 30th October (this time they seem serious). The Lightworks itself is open-source but they are also offering membership plans which have additional access to professional industry standard third party codecs and tools support which are very helpful for professional level video editors.

This step may offend many strict open-source guys but according to EditShare (body behind Lightworks), the step to bring more industry standard codecs and tools was necessary to bring more professionals towards Lightworks and these third party codecs and tools are subject to licencing fees, that’s why they have added membership plans.

Users need not to worry as they have stated that Lightworks will always be free. The current membership options are as following:

Free membership is free and will always be, educational membership costs $30 per year and Professional user membership costs $60 per year which are quite affordable to professional users as compared to other proprietary solutions available in market.

Current release of Lighworks will only support Ubuntu 12.04 other distributions will be supported later.

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