Ubuntu Business Desktop Remix Released

A new variant of Ubuntu is released for enterprise environments. Ubuntu Business Desktop Remix is based upon Ubuntu 11.10 with slight modifications in default packages.

Ubuntu Business Desktop Remix excluded all packages related to multimedia and gaming and social networking. And included enterprise components like VMware View, OpenJDK 6 etc. There is nothing special just some enterprise software are included and entertainment, networking related packages are excluded in the default installation profile.

the business remix contains no secret sauce ~Mark Shuttleworth

Ubuntu has always been criticized for not having enterprise solution like many competitor Linux distributions like RedHat. Businesses who run Ubuntu have to customize packages every time they install it on their system. This new variant will resolve this issue and it will allow Ubuntu to earn market share in enterprise environments, for which it have great potential.

Ubuntu Business Desktop Remix have nothing very special till now but we can see huge improvements in the future. Now, Ubuntu Business Desktop Remix is only an installation profile with some business oriented applications pre-installed.

You can download Ubuntu Business Desktop Remix by filling out simple user registration form

Ubuntu Business Desktop Remix


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