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XBMC Eden Added to Debian Repositories

XBMC Eden is accepted into Debian, which means its will be available in latest unstable releases of Debian and its derivatives (Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Pinguy etc) the latest release of greatest media center application will now be available in Ubuntu 12.04 repositories. Now you will be able to install XBMC Eden via Ubuntu Software Center.

Now you would be able to install XBMC without the need of external PPA or repositories added to your system. This will significantly increase user base of XBMC.

Previously the mainstream media Center application available in Ubuntu Software Center was Moovida Media Center, who have totally moved their focused to windows version of Media Application and their linux version is no longer actively developed and not even ported to latest version that they are using for windows platform.

This all is the result of hard work done by XBMC debian developer Andres Mejia, previously the main difficulty to be accepted was size and complexity and XBMC packages. You can see packages in Official Debian Distribution.

Differences between XBMC Version and Debian/Ubuntu Version

There are few changes however between XBMC version (installed through XBMC PPA) and Debian/Ubuntu version

  • decss support (encrypted dvd playback) is disabled unless libdvdcss2 has been installed from a third-party repo.
  • libav is used rather than ffmpeg, as Debian unstable has gone this direction.
  • AFP (Apple File Protocol) support is currently disabled due to packaging issues.
  • rar support is disabled due to Debian policy, which we hope to resolve soon by switching to libarchive, which Andres is personally working on as well. The guy is a unstoppable!