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Use Absinthe 2.0.4 to Jailbreak iOS 5.1.1 on Ubuntu full details here

Secure your Ubuntu desktop with BlueProximity


Ubuntu is considered as one of the most secure operating systems that are available to the common user. Still adding a little extra security to your Ubuntu desktop never hurts. With security we certainly don’t mean more passwords and the regular stuff, so don’t worry.
BlueProximity is a unique piece of software that enables you to [...]

WebOffline: Store web pages to view offline


If you are an iPhone user then you must have faced a situation where you are about to enter a no-WiFi zone and you want to keep reading the current webpage. For a jailbrake iOS now it is very easy to do so. WebOffline is your one-stop solution.
WebOffline integrates itself into the Safari browser of [...]

Soluto: The Anti-Frustration software


Slow computing is nothing less than a nightmare in the current fast paced world. If your computer takes 5 minutes for booting up when are you going to do the stuff you have to do? A slow computer is like a stinky sock… you have to wash it or get rid of it.

Computers tend to [...]

Dreamboard: Theming platform for jailbroken iDevices


DreamBoard is an innovative little software for jailbroken iDevices. Now however great the Apple’s user interface is, ultimately you’ll get fed up by unlocking your phone and seeing the same display pattern… what can we say its human nature! At first you dislike the ‘slide to unlock’ feature; then you start disliking the icons display; [...]

5 top free games for Android

image taken from cnet.co.uk

Angry Birds

After great success on iOS platforms, ‘Angry Birds’ has come to Android. The most interesting thing is that unlike iOS it is totally free on Android but with a catch of some ads. Angry Birds has come on Android phones with the same fabulous applied physics that has made the game the heartbeat of [...]

Islamic Applications for Smartphones

islamic applications

In current smartphone market thousands of applications are made for iOS, Android and Nokia. These applications attract people from various interests, religions, cultures and demographics. For all Muslims, as Ramadan is started, we cataloged various islamic applications.