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Unity vs Gnome Panel Classic [Video]


There is more than much debate so far on this topic, which one is better? Unity or Gnome Panel Classic. Some users are not willing to leave Gnome Panel Classic (they love it so much) while others are more than happy to adapt new Unity interface offered by Ubuntu. Now in the following video you [...]

Install GNOME-Shell themes on Ubuntu 11.10


As awesome the new Ubuntu 11.10 is you might still get bored of the same display after some time. Changing the display theme of Ubuntu 11.10 GNOME-Shell is not a very tough task but quite easy if you know how.
The mandatory thing is that you have GNOME-Shell installed on your Ubuntu 11.10 beforehand. For this, [...]

Install GNOME-Shell in Ubuntu 11.10


Linux is praised due to the flexibility it can offer. Many Ubuntu users are upgrading to Ubuntu 11.10 and some of them don’t like the Unity Interface. For them there is nothing to worry about, you can mold and customize Ubuntu as much as you can. If you don’t like latest Unity than you can [...]

Add gnome menu bar support in Chrome

chrome appmenu

You might have noticed that Ubuntu app-menu don’t work in Google Chrome. This can be done by following steps

Install KDE in Ubuntu 11.04


Many people are disappointed with recent unity, gnome-shell changes. Unity and gnome shell are more confusing then Kde used to be. Kde is now much more polished and have new plasma desktop experience. Please note that installing kde and gnome side by side can cause some glitches. Don’t install kde over gnome if you are [...]