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Offline Editing Of Google Docs And Google Drive For iOS


At the second day of I/O San Francisco conference, GOOGLE announced the availability of offline editing of Google Docs and Google Drive for iOS & chrome OS.  Now users can edit their documents on Google even when they are not online, theses amendments would automatically and instantly be updated in the Google Doc once you [...]

DuckDuckGo: Best Google Alternative


Google is no doubt best search engine around but if you lot of searches everyday you will realize that in certain queries Google is not a good option. Moreover, if you are concerned about full privacy than there are better search engine solutions around.

Productive Google+ Uses


Google+can be as productive as you can imagine. The brand new Google social networking site can do much more than just social networking. You can be productive in many ways, you can use Google+ photo manipulation abilities to use it as PhotoBlog or Travel Journal, use it as bookmarking service and Hangout feature have endless [...]

Facebook Determined to stay in competition

facebook invitation july 6, 2011

Google Inc. has challenged Facebook with a latest effort of a new social networking website, Google+. Google+ is not open for everyone yet and is rumored to have made up on the basics from Facebook itself. But what makes Google+ better and worth the attention are newer features like Circles and Hangout. This has got [...]

Google+ The new Facebook?

Google+ is the lates try of Google Inc. to take on face book

Now whats this we see, Google is attempting to gain some part of social networking market back with introduction of Google+, i.e. ‘Google Plus’. I guess Google is trying to avenge the ‘death’ of Orkut by this feat. The social networking website will be available to users in over 40 languages and is the biggest [...]