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Fix ‘NTLDR is missing’ Error & Recover Data From Unmountable Drive

hard drive partitions

In NTFS file system based volume, the information about every file and directory is stored in Master File Table (MFT). Therefore, we can say that MFT contains all the data which is needed by the operating system to retrieve files. However, there are times when some applications create and remove too many files on the [...]

How to auto-mount NTFS partitions in Ubuntu

hard drive partitions

If you are dual booting Windows and Linux. You may face difficulty in managing music files from Banshee, Rhythmbox or any other music players. Ubuntu doesn’t auto-mount NTFS or FAT partitions on startup.This situation can be avoided by auto-mounting partitions in Ubuntu. Partitions can be added to start-up by modifying ‘fstab’ file. Follow these steps to auto-mount [...]