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Use Absinthe 2.0.4 to Jailbreak iOS 5.1.1 on Ubuntu full details here

WebOffline: Store web pages to view offline


If you are an iPhone user then you must have faced a situation where you are about to enter a no-WiFi zone and you want to keep reading the current webpage. For a jailbrake iOS now it is very easy to do so. WebOffline is your one-stop solution.
WebOffline integrates itself into the Safari browser of [...]

Apple Products in 2012


2012 will be the first year of modern Apple without Steve Jobs. Tech enthusiasts want to see how Apple will perform in 2012 without Steve Jobs.In 2012, Apple is introducing improved products to meet customer needs. New expected launches in 2012 from Appple  are iPhone 5, iPad 3 and 15″ Macbook Air.

Add User Accounts on iPhone, iPad or iPod

iusers iphone

There is a buzz on TechCrunch about guest mode on smart phones. For jailbroken iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch owners there is a good news, they can setup multiple user accounts on their iOS devices.

Dreamboard: Theming platform for jailbroken iDevices


DreamBoard is an innovative little software for jailbroken iDevices. Now however great the Apple’s user interface is, ultimately you’ll get fed up by unlocking your phone and seeing the same display pattern… what can we say its human nature! At first you dislike the ‘slide to unlock’ feature; then you start disliking the icons display; [...]

Top 5 Photography apps for iPhone


The importance of your pictures cannot be stressed upon enough in the present regime of online social networking. Your pictures are a part of your image to the world. Nobody takes a normal average image of them and post it to their account. The people now are more conscious so they only post and share [...]

10 Best games for iPhone


You got your iPhone and now you are trying to fill it up with cool stuff, right? This is the right place for it. These games will blow your mind. They are addicting and entertaining and any other synonyms or derivatives you can think of such words. Here are the 10 best, the most awesome [...]