New in Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal Beta 1 full details here

Install KDE Plasma Desktop in Ubuntu 12.04 and 11.10


KDE is preferred desktop by large Linux user base and Canonical acknowledge importance of KDE therefore they have separate edition named as KUbuntu. KDE applications are based upon Qt Framework and many open-source applications make use of Qt Framework which works natively in KDE. If you don’t like Unity Interface and installed GNOME-Shell and didn’t liked it either [...]

Kubuntu will be Funded by Blue Systems


Kubuntu will now be supported by Blue Systems. The KDE version of Ubuntu was previously sponsored by Canonical but they are pulling off their funding after the completion of Kubuntu 12.04 development cycle.

Install KDE 4.8 in Kubuntu 11.10 via PPA


KDE 4.8 is released today which provides many new improvements and stability, performance updates. KDE have now more faster scalable file management and new touch friendly components are introduced in this KDE 4.8 release. More improvements include in Dolphin, Kate, Kmail, Gwenview, adaptive power management, multiple layouts available for the ALT + TAB window switcher and [...]

Install KDE in Ubuntu 11.04


Many people are disappointed with recent unity, gnome-shell changes. Unity and gnome shell are more confusing then Kde used to be. Kde is now much more polished and have new plasma desktop experience. Please note that installing kde and gnome side by side can cause some glitches. Don’t install kde over gnome if you are [...]