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Access Linux/Ubuntu Ext Partitions in Winodws

DiskInternal Linux Reader

If you are dual booting Windows and Linux/Ubuntu than you will know that Windows doesn’t support Linux ext drives and they are not shown in drives list. So if you are in Windows and want some file from Ubuntu/Linux than there is no way without booting into Linux/Ubuntu and copying file to Windows drive. There [...]

Secure your Ubuntu desktop with BlueProximity


Ubuntu is considered as one of the most secure operating systems that are available to the common user. Still adding a little extra security to your Ubuntu desktop never hurts. With security we certainly don’t mean more passwords and the regular stuff, so don’t worry. BlueProximity is a unique piece of software that enables you [...]

Mount Partitions without Command Line in Ubuntu

hard drive partitions

As many people including newbies are adopting Linux, people are asking for more user-friendly interface for settings which can be only modified through command line like many partition mounting operations. Mounting partitions for a newbie is complex on Linux/Ubuntu as it includes editing of /etc/fstab file which requires command line knowledge. We first wrote tutorial [...]

How to auto-mount NTFS partitions in Ubuntu

hard drive partitions

If you are dual booting Windows and Linux. You may face difficulty in managing music files from Banshee, Rhythmbox or any other music players. Ubuntu doesn’t auto-mount NTFS or FAT partitions on startup.This situation can be avoided by auto-mounting partitions in Ubuntu. Partitions can be added to start-up by modifying ‘fstab’ file. Follow these steps to auto-mount [...]