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Pinguy OS 11.10 Pre-Alpha is available for download

The Pinguy OS 11.10 pre-alpha is now available for download. Currently only 32 bit edition is available for download. Previously we informed you that Pinguy OS 11.10 will come in 2 Gnome flavors. Pinguy OS 11.10 will be based upon Ubuntu 11.10 but it will not use Unity instead Gnome Shell will be used. Pinguy [...]

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Pinguy OS 11.10 will come in 2 Gnome Editions

Pinguy OS is Linux distribution based upon most popular Ubuntu with many applications and tweaks.
As Ubuntu 11.10 is released, Pinguy developers are planning to roll out their Ubuntu 11.10 based distribution Pinguy 11.10 with two Gnome edition: One will be Gnome Shell and other will be old GNOME 2 edition or Mate, a GNOME 2.3x fork. [...]

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Pinguy OS Best Ubuntu Derivative

Ubuntu is the best Linux distribution around but Ubuntu doesn’t come with out of box functionality. You have to search and install application to get best out of your Ubuntu system. Pinguy OS resolves this problem as this distribution comes with lot of applications that you ever need. They have chosen applications which are easy to use [...]

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