New in Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal Beta 1 full details here

Rebuild a user account in OS X

OSX accounts

You could see a couple of issues with OS X which could deter in making some changes in configurations options and the beforehand accessible resources. One of these examples of this particular behavior is that your admin account is no more capable to validate the access the system preference settings even when you see them [...]

Search Full Text in Ubuntu via Recoll Unity Lens


The default Unity search is not as complete as found in latest Mac and Windows Operating Systems. You can achieve that usability via Recoll-Lens.

Speeding up Mac OS X Snow Leopard with These Tips


This post is written by Vishal Chaudhary of StellerInfo Snow Leopard seems to be slow and you are looking for solutions then you can try out the below steps to increase its speed.

Access Notification Center of Mountain Lion OS X In Four Ways

notification center of mountain lion OS X

Notification center of mountain lion OS X can be accessed in four possible ways. As we all know, Notification center is a newly included feature in mountain lion which helps you in keeping all your alerts and notifications at one place but before you could check on these updates, you will have to find out [...]

Transferring Files From Mac to iPhone Without Using iTunes


Transferring files from Mac to iPhone without using iTunes is possible now. As we know that iPhone is, undoubtedly, one heck of a device but despite being so feature-packed, convenient & revolutionary, there is one trifle hitch which might have got on your nerves by now and that is “Requirement of iTunes while transferring files” moreover, [...]

Converting Regular Sim Card Into Micro Sim Card

converting regular sim card into micro sim card

There are exactly three ways of converting regular sim card into micro sim card as they both are akin to each other apart from few banal deviations. Now-a-days all the smartphones are racing to torpedo each other in sleek and smart outlook. This hell-bent chase, on the other end, has resulted into the inception of [...]