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Use Absinthe 2.0.4 to Jailbreak iOS 5.1.1 on Ubuntu full details here

Top 3 Music Players for Windows


You love music and your hard-drive is half full of music that you adore. The other half contains the music and other audio files that you might not have even listened to yet. You find so many songs that you can’t even recall their names or the artists or the time when you downloaded the [...]

5 top free games for Android

image taken from cnet.co.uk

Angry Birds

After great success on iOS platforms, ‘Angry Birds’ has come to Android. The most interesting thing is that unlike iOS it is totally free on Android but with a catch of some ads. Angry Birds has come on Android phones with the same fabulous applied physics that has made the game the heartbeat of [...]

Top 15 Android social apps


Seesmic (Facebook, Twitter)

Seesmic is the best way to manage all of your social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz and others, in one powerful and simple app. Seesmic is an app complete with many awesome features like sharing your photos, videos, location and receiving or sending a message and searching and sorting these messages.

Foursquare helps [...]