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Use Absinthe 2.0.4 to Jailbreak iOS 5.1.1 on Ubuntu full details here

Best Media Player for All Platforms

media formats

The one of the primary usage of PC’s, Mac’s, Tablets and handheld devices is accessing media files which could be movies, TV series, video files or songs. The media files are not only on your computer, they can be on dvd’s, BlueRay discs or it can be online. For these vast formats of media files [...]

VLC for Android finally Released

VLC for Android

Much anticipated VLC for Android is finally released which is able to play almost all audio and video files. The version is presently in beta and is named as “VLC beta (NEON version)” on Google Play. VLC for Android is able to play¬†multi-tracks with subtitles support and comes with whole library management tools.

Top 5 Media Players for Ubuntu


Some media players are bundled with too many features which you don’t really need, these bloated media players eat up your RAM, thrushes your hard disk and drive your CPU crazy. So you should be very specific when selecting media player for your operating system and here we compiled a list of five best media [...]

VLC 2.0 on Ubuntu, Windows & Mac


VLC 2.0 is released now, it includes faster multi threaded decoding, extended codec and experimental Blue-ray support.
VLC is insanely popular as all in one media player for every platform, it is most widely used on Windows, Mac and Linux. The main reason of vast VLC popularity is that it is tailored for everybody needs, whether [...]

Best Ubuntu Linux Applications


Ubuntu is one of best Linux distributions around. Based on rock solid Debian, Ubuntu is fast and secure. Many people are moving from other operating systems to Ubuntu because of its ease of use and unique interface. As Ubuntu is becoming popular more and more applications are being developed. Some great applications are listed below:
Ubuntu [...]