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How to add ‘My Computer’ to Windows 8 Start Screen


Talk about myself, I can’t imagine a desktop without My Computer icon. I mean you have to have a ‘My Computer’ icon on your desktop for God’s sake. But with the new Windows 8, sadly, the case is otherwise. With the new Start Screen and Metro User Interface and all, now you don’t have My [...]

Windows 8: New keyboard shortcuts

keyboard shortcut

Windows 8 is the new and upcoming operating software from the house of Microsoft. Its beta version has been released recently and its retail version is rumored to hit the market later this year. The unconventional interface of Windows 8 has been designed specifically for touch enable devices. But this does not mean that it [...]

Zorin OS: Windows 7 like Linux Distribution


Want to switch from Windows but Linux UI is not comfortable for you? Now with Zorin OS: a Windows 7 like Linux Operating System you can easily switch from Windows to Linux without much change in the user interface which you used for years. Zorin OS comes with UI which exactly matches with Windows 7 [...]

Soluto: The Anti-Frustration software


Slow computing is nothing less than a nightmare in the current fast paced world. If your computer takes 5 minutes for booting up when are you going to do the stuff you have to do? A slow computer is like a stinky sock… you have to wash it or get rid of it.

Computers tend to [...]

Top 3 Music Players for Windows


You love music and your hard-drive is half full of music that you adore. The other half contains the music and other audio files that you might not have even listened to yet. You find so many songs that you can’t even recall their names or the artists or the time when you downloaded the [...]

Access Linux Ubuntu File Sytem on Windows


If you are dual booting Linux and windows than you will understand the pain accessing Linux file systems EXT2, EXT3 or EXT4 on windows. In this situation Ext2Fsd can help you with both reading and writing EXT file systems in Windows. Ext2Fsd supports Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7. It has limited functionality for [...]