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Disable Metro And Enable Desktop Mode In Windows 8


If you want to disable metro mode and enable desktop mode in windows 8 then Congratulations, as you can do this.Windows 8 metro mode has been liked by many of the users but still there are few peeps who abhor this newly included mode by windows. So as a key, Laptop Mag presented a solution [...]

Things-To-Do Before Upgrading Your Windows To Windows 8


Microsoft’s much-hyped new OS Windows 8 is all set to be released on 26th October, 2012. However, in the meantime, Software giant has presented an upgrade offer to current windows holder at the meager cost of $39.9. For more details check the Upgrade Windows to Windows 8 Pro for $39.99. So, to all those who [...]

Release Date of Windows 8 is 26 October


At last, Microsoft confirmed the release date of new & much anticipated OS windows 8 which will be available in market 14 weeks from now, to be more precise it is “26.10.12”.

Upgrade Windows to Windows 8 Pro for $39.99


A humongous stir is going on about Microsoft Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface tablet amongst the folks, both are expected to release at the end of year 2012. However, to ensure the adoption of windows 8 and to avoid the incidences like windows vista embracement-failure, Microsoft has launched an up-gradation offer of the much-hyped windows [...]

Windows 8 Beta (Consumer/Release Preview) Product key


After the release of the consumer preview of Windows 8 everyone is installing it to see what Microsoft has done this time to improve their OS. But to their dismay they are barred by a nagging dialogue that asks them for a product key before anything else, which is rather funny and confusing, as a [...]

Firefox will release Metro version for Windows 8


Mozilla has decided to target future Windows Tablet market by releasing Metro version of Firefox Browser. Currently Mozilla has released Firefox for Android and it sill be releasing similar for Windows 8 Metro. For people wondering about Firefox for iOS, currently Apple AppStore TOS doesn’t allow full featured web browser for iOS. Firefox for Windows [...]