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BEST Android Apps of Mid-Year 2012

    Based upon the Brad Spirrison – Editor of Appolicious – work of banking together top 20 apps of 2012, we, fervently, fished out the best mid year Android Apps of 2012. The criteria used for evaluation of apps is, based upon the productive value, creativity & utility for users which has been given most of the importance by the Appolicious community. However, Bare in mind that the apps picked up were either released or updated in between 1st January and 30th June, 2012. So, take a shot;


    It is free to download on Android devices. It is like your social magazine which aesthetically presents stuff shared by your social circle. Moreover, now it also provides integration with G+ & YouTube which means the horizon of your social interaction has become even vaster. As a further add on, you can also read third party’s content on it in a more convenient manner including the NYT updates


    It is also free to download. After having succeeded enormously over iPhone, the app has now been released over Android where it acquired more than 5 million downloads within the first week of launch. Well, the reason behind its immense success is the easy, friendly & fun way of sharing photos with friends & families that pave way for cultivation and perseverance of pop-culture

    Google Drive

    To all those who use Google Docs, Google Drive is now a new way of storing your documents and files. It’s an ultimate solution for all those multiple users who want to make amendments in a Google doc simultaneously. Now there’s no need to rely on Dropbox anymore because this new app is better for sure and available from 28th June 2012 for free download.


    It is also a free app to download. It launched on Android in January of 2012. This app is more about a vacation-rental marketplace where travelers & property dealers can instantly ask questions from each other about the issues they would during a stay. Well, this is an incredible app that has almost 2000 listings around the world to be of great utility for the users


    It is free to download but on ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) devices only. However, it works in great sync with the desktop chrome browser, allow you to swipe tabs without even opening tabs menu and many more astounding features. So if you have not got it up till now then go, grab one for ablazing browsing experience over mobile devices