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Isteg hides files in images

Some items in your personal computer are so important that the security of your login password alone is not enough and you face the constant threat of the file being compromised. To rid your mind of all this unnecessary tension we have found the right solution for you. Behold the Isteg.

This clever little application can make your life easier by hiding your secret files more effectively. What it does is it hides your desired file in an image of your choice hence concealing it from the prying eyes of most. The image you choose will be replicated and the file will be integrated to it virtually with no difference in the picture. The size of the image will be effected but to buffer this change you can always select a big image so that the change in size is not significant.

This application lacks any sort of password protection or encryption features but the developer will try to add these features in the future. Best of all its a free piece of software and you can download it from the following link.

To access the hidden file, rename the extension of the image and double-click it to open. For example if you have hidden a RAR archive inside an image, then you will change the name from File.jpg to File.rar and easily access the files.

For more information and download click here

It is a portable tool i.e. it needs no installation (just download and execute) and works on all versions of Windows. There is also an add-on for Firefox called FireSteg that hides the files inside an image.


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