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Windows 8 Consumer Preview (Beta) Quick Tour and Screenshots

    Windows 8 Beta is released today with more consistent experience among vast ranges of devices including Desktops, Laptops and Tablets. Microsoft is trying to create consistent user experience on wide range of devices and Windows 8 Consumer Preview Beta is the first step forward.

    This release is very matured than Developer preview of Windows 8, it has undergone more than 100,000  code changes. Microsoft is calling Windows 8 a “generation change” as they have revamped Windows design, functionality and implementation.

    The last time we made a generational change was Windows 95 ~Sinofsky said

    According to Julie Larson-Green, vice president of Windows program management fast, fluid, fun and functionality are basic themes in the development of new revamped Windows 8.

    Screenshot Tour

    Login Screen

    It gives overview and highlight content from applications, which includes appointments, new mails etc.

    Essential Apps

    After login essential apps are displayed like following

    People Application

    This applications organizes your contacts among all services. It will also give status updates.


    Pinch-to-zoom will give you overview of all applications in tiles.


    Tight integration of Skydrive in Windows 8 is introduced.

    Windows Store

    Windows Store is introduced in Windows 8 which will be the primary source of all the softwares for Windows.

    Internet Explorer 10

    The new version of Internet Explorer looks wonderful in Metro UI.

    Right Edge Search

    A popup sidebar on right side enable you to search instantly

    Touch Keyboard

    A simple yet beautiful touch keyboard in Windows 8

    Thumb Keyboard

    Creative and useful thumb keyboard introduced in Windows 8

    Dual-Monitor Support

    Windows 8 have very good dual monitor support which can be configured to run Metro Start screen on one display and Traditional screen on other display

    Good Looking Task Manager

    Task Manager functionality is same but design is totally revamped which has given Task Manager a new life.


    You can download Windows 8 Consumer Preview beta from Microsoft

    ISO can be downloaded from here